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365 day photo project.

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Owlie was my first 365 day project. I took a new photo of Owlie everyday with my iPhone 3 and posted it to facebook. A 365 day challenge is just that challenging, but it is also very rewarding. I learned a lot about the discipline it takes to have a continuing project everyday. I really got to immerse myself in the project, achieving a much better understanding of photography and composition.  The full project can be seen on my Owlie tumblr page.


Owlie 13

Owlie 75

Owlie 103

Owlie 134

Owlie 175

Owlie 183

Owlie 189

Owlie 194

Owlie 201

Owlie 216

Owlie 225

Owlie 235

Owlie 243

Owlie 264

Owlie 274

Owlie 320

Owlie 364

Owlie Rotoscope